My Germany

Germany has beautiful regions from Munich to Hamburg and from Cologne to Leipzig. I want to show you some of my favorite regions where I used to live or which are just some wonderful places to see and experience. 

The Rhineland around Bonn and Cologne 

I used to live for some years in a little city named Unkel. That was the place where politician Willy Brandt was living. It is about 20km away from Bonn and is directly located at the Rhine. That’s were I used to live. I practically stepped out of the door and was at the rhine promenade which was covered in fall with the leaves of the platane trees which were along the path.

 You could go for walks or take the bike. Idyllic indeed and very peaceful. In summer they used to have local fleamarkets along the rhine on the promenade.

I just realize that I appreciate it now more than I used to  but that’s another story…


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