Raspberry Cream Dessert

I found this recipe in an old cooking booklett with the title “Slim with eggs” (Schlank mit Ei).
The booklett is featuring a lot of recipes with eggs, and one might think, that’s pretty boring, but no, they are very interesting! I decided to take them up for the blog because they are unique and so German! Let’s start with something sweet. A creamy dessert which is delicious but also colorful. There is a German saying ” the eyes are eating too”. Let’s make the red dessert!

Ingredients (for 4 portions)
4 eggs (organic)
4 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp raspberry juice (pure and organic)
almonds, thin slices

How to make it– Separate the eggs (divide yolk from egg white)
– Put yolks and half of the sugar into a bowl and whisk the mix until foamy
– Add raspberry juice and whisk it again
– Whisk egg white until it is very firm (so you can cut it) and mix in the remaining sugar
– Mix caraefully the firm eggwhite to the red egg mix
– Fill it in cocktail or dessert glasses and decorate it with sliced almonds

Instead of raspberry juice try an exotic juice or any fruit juice.
Add a bit of vanilla sugar or vanilla extract for a nice vanilla taste.

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