Prune Dumplings – Zwetschgenknoedel

Sweet dish from my child hood with sweet memories! When my grandma was alive she would make the prune dumplings and man, they were really good. You need to eat them warm, with melted butter and a cinnamon-sugar mix on top. It’s a divine combination!
As far as I know prune dumplings are actually from Austria (the Austrian recipe contains potatoes; I will post this one later), and is a typical “sweet Mehlspeise”, a sweet flour dish (sounds funny but that’s the translation). Austria has a lot of these sweet Mehlspeisen, they serve them as an alternative for a supper. So I really dont know which recipe my grandma used but on the site I found a lot of positive feedback. Happy Dumpling Cooking!

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500 g Quark (low fat quark)
50 g soft unsalted butter
1 egg
150 g flour
grated lemon peel
15 prunes (they dont need to be pitted)
some salt and sugar
cinnamon and sugar (mix)

How to make it
– Make a dough out of quark, butter, egg, flour, hint of salt and sugar – use the mixer with a dough hook – the dough should not be liquid, you need to form dumplings out of it.
– Wash prunes, dry them, and cut them in half, but not completely, remove pits;
– Take a walnut sized piece of dough (1-2 tbsp) and surround the prune with it (form a dumpling); the prune needs to be completely wrapped in dough
– In a big pot bring enough water with salt to a boil and add the dumplings, one after the other
– Let them cook on low heat for up to 15 minutes, leave the lid a bit open
– Meanwhile melt some butter and prepoare the cinnamon-sugar mix in a bowl
– Take dumplings out and serve them right away
– Pour melted butter over them and sprinkle with the cinnamon-sugar mix

Tips: Depending on the size you can make more or less dumplings. If you use other fruit like sour cherriesa, apricot or apple, you will get more dumplings as they would be smaller
You also can use prunes from the jar; the juice can be heated up and served with the dumplings.
The dough should not be sticky; put some drops of cooling oil on your hands, if the dough is  abit sticky.
Try it out with Vanilla sauce! Delightful indeed!
If you cannot get quark in your supermarket, check out  this one: and – some say it is not as good as German quark, some say it is fine. I have not tried it. I found quark in the organic store Wholefoods, here in California, and it was good. – you can buy a ready made mix and just add quark, for the busy cooks a great alternative
I found  2 websites where you find recipes of how to make your own quark:

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