South German Potato Noodles – Schupfnudeln

You probably never heard of this dish. Right? Well, do you want to eat something really special? Something which you will never get in the USA? This is a local recipe from the Southern part of Germany, from Swabia (the region around Stuttgart down to the Lake of Constance; it is supposed to be the most productive part of Germany). This is the region of Spaetzle and it is the region were I grew up. I remember very well when we went to local fairs, there was always a food booth which served Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut. Delightful! Schupfnudeln is also a dish in Bavaria but I think the Bavarian recipe is a bit different. The Swabian version consists of potatoes and it is served together with Sauerkraut. Soooo… good! On the picture to the left you can see already made ones, you cna get them at

800 g boiled potatoes (floury, boiled the day before)
2 eggs
salt, nutmeg
8 tbsp flour
2 tbsp oil

How you make it
– Boil potatoes the day before
– Peel potatoes and grate them into  a big bowl.
– Add the eggs, nutmeg and app. 8 tbsp flour to the grated potatoes and make a dough (knead the potatoes with your hands ntil you have a dough you can make forms out of it)
– On a wooden board sprinkle flour and make out of the potato dough 2 long rolls
– Cut thin slices from the rolls and form noodles which are pointy at both ends ( thumb size)
– Roll them in flour
– Bring water in  a big pot to a boil (with salt)
– Put some of the noodles into the boiling water (not all at once); they are done when they are up at the surface of the water – take them out right away, put them on a clean kitchen cloth so they can dry
– Proceed in this fashion until all noodles are cooked
– Schupfnudeln are dry after 30-60 minutes and can be mixed with the Sauerkraut.

If you dont want to mix them with Sauerkraut, just add some butter in a skillet and fry them until golden, Serve with green salad.

Thank you Mamas
How to make the Sauerkraut
– Peel an onion and chop it; heat up some lard and fry onions
– Add Sauerkraut and fruy it on high temperatur (fast)
Add spices such as laurel leave, caraway if you like, and juniper berries
– Reduce heat to medium and let it cook for about 15 minutes
– Stir it frequently
– Cut Speck (bacon) into small cubes and add them into a non-stickable pan; add butter and fry Speck on high temperature
– Add cooked and fry them until slightly golden
– Add Sauerkraut to the Noodles and mix it
– Serve it directly from the pan.

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