Rinderbraten – How to make German Roast Beef

Sweet Sunday memories are back! Weekend is coming up and I want to give you a great Sunday lunch compostions of: Rinderbraten, Brussels sprouts and Spaetzle. How does this sound? Delicious, I know. Well, if you go to a German Gasthaus where you get the home made cooking they will serve a Rinderbraten in a home made sauce and if it is a good restaurant, they even will serve you home made Spaetzle. And if you lik to read more about how the roast beef came to America click here to read more…
Let’s see the recipe now which I found here – Thanks for recipe and picture!

600 g joint of beef

3 TL mustard, Pepper, salt, red pepper powder (paprika)
20 g foie gras or cooking oil
1 onion
1 leek stem
celery leaves and root
1 garlic clove
100 g mushrooms (white or brown)
1/8 L red wine
1/8 L broth
3 EL heavy cream
3 TL corn starch

Side Dishes
150 g pasta (preferably Spaetzle)
500 g brussels sprouts
20 g butter
How to make it
The meast will be specially tender if you spread a thin layer of mustard over the meat before you fry it. The best meat for this recipe is beef shoulder.
– Dry the meat with kitchen paper
– Add mustard into a bowl and mix it with salt, pepper, and paprika.
– Spread mustard evenly over the meat and massage it into the meat.
– Heat lard in a skillet and fry the meat from all sides
– Take meat out of the pot, wrap it in aluminium foil and keep it warm
– Peel onion, cut it in rough pieces; clean leek and slice it; chop celery root and stem into cubes; peel garlic and cut it in pieces; clean mushrooms and cut them in pieces
– in using the same pot which you used for the meat (in the same fat) fry all the vegetable and deglaze it with red wine
– Let it cook for a little bit (some minutes on low heat); you will get the important meat juice (gravy, jus)
– Put meat togetehr with the jus back into the stewing pan and let it cook on low heat (jus should not boil) so it is braising
– Put a lid on and let it braise for at least 90 minutes
 – Take meat out of the pan, wrap it in aluminium foil and keep it warm
How to make the GravyPuree the vegetable and the jus
– Add the broth (I would use vegetable broth, organic, home made)
– Put cream into a bowl and stir in starch flour, mix it
 – Bring jus to a boil and mix in the starch  (you should get a creamy gravy, not too thick and not too thin)
– Put back the meat into the gravy
How to make side dishes
– Cook Spaetzle per instructions
– Clean Brussels Sprouts and cook them in water until they are soft; melt some butter and toss them in the butter; add salt and pepper
– Take meat out of the gravy and cut slices horizontal (thick as a finger)
Serve it – Guten Appetit!


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