Apple Cake with Streusel – Crumbles

This cake is a classic amongst the German Sunday afternoon cakes. Well, I think in this post, I am going to tell you a bit more about the famous Coffee and Cake tradition of Germany. Around 2-4pm the family, or friends would gather at home or in a Cafe (they are exclusively open Sundays!) and everyone enjoys some coffee or tea with a piece (or more) cake. Let me tell you about how it came about. 1675 the first Cafe was opened in Bremen (North of Germany) – the “Haus Schuettig”. It was te Haus Schuettig that brought the tradition of coffee and cake to the royal court of Berlin. As a result more and more Cafes opened in the following years in big cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Regensburg and Leipzig. Cake was added, especially apple cakes because after the apple harvest in fall every region comes up with different variations of apple cakes and they were served in the Cafes. Here is one of the delicious apple cakes with Streusel:
» 600 g apples
» 2 sachets Vanilla pudding powder (from Dr. Oetker, it is the best and you can get it at
» 100 g sugar
» 650 ml milk
For the dough
» 350 g flour
» 1 sachet baking powder
» 100 g sugar
» 1 sachet vanilla sugar
» 1 pinch salt
» 130 g quark
» 100 ml oil
» 100 ml milk
For the Streusel
» 200 g flour
» 75 g sugar
» 2 sachets vanilla sugar
» 100 g butter

– Peel apples and cut them into small cubes.
– Make the pudding according instructions on the package but use 100g sugar and 650 ml milk. Let it cool off a bit when done and stir it some times.
How to make the dough
– Mix all ingredients and knead them so you get a dough you can roll on a greased backing tray. Press the dough gently at the edges.

How to make the Streusel
– Mix all Streusel ingredients and knead them (prefereably use a mixer with dough hooks). To make the Streusel take some of the dough between the hands and rub it until it crumbles (Streusel means also crumbles).
Combine Apples and Dough
– Take the pudding and spread it over the dough
– Add apple pieces and finally add Streusel over the apples.

Bake it for about 30 mintues on 200°C or 390 F.
Instead of apples use cherries or peaches; it is going to be yummy as well.

Thanks for the recipe:


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