Homemade German Chicken Broth

Here is my complete Lunch or Dinner Menu:
Chicken broth
Glaced Pork Roast with green peas and mashed potato

Vanilla Pudding

Soups are the best for cold days and such days where you need something caring! I love soups, especially the broths. In my country we would have before every Sunday lunch a soup. Either a broth with pasta with beef or chicken. The soups should be home made. I mean you can buy the broth in a container; I tried it and was disappointed. The German Knorr or Maggi soups are not bad and are very practical if you don’t have much time. But you know, a homemade soup doesn’t take that long. You cut the ingredients and throw them all in one pot. Just let it cook. I would say it would take 15 minutes – maybe 20. This is not long.
I also cook a big amount of broth which is lasting for the next 2 or more days, depending how many hungry mouths you have to feed. You can freeze it too and when you are in a hurry just defrost the broth, add some pasta or vegetable and that’s it. Here is my own special recipe for you.
Things You’ll Need:

• 2 l filtered or spring water
• 3 chicken breast halves or 1 smaller chicken fresh or frozen, both is good
• 1 onion
• 2-3 cloves (If you think adding cloves is odd, I understand. Try it. It makes the little difference!

• celery leaves and root
• 3 carrots
• salt, pepper, nutmeg
For the soup: Use Soup Noodles; they are special pasta extra made to add to a broth or soup.
How to make the Broth
– Wash the chicken meat, dry it with a paper towel.
– Put the chicken in a pot and cover it with cold water
– Peel cerely root, add celery leaves and 3 slices of celery root, laurel leaves to the water.
– Cut carrots in half, peel onion, cut it in 2 pieces and stick the cloves into the onions, add it to the broth.
– Boil it for about 1 hour on low heat, and keep it covered with a lid but not completely; you can also do a test: if the meat is done, the broth is done too.
Using a whole chicken is extending the cooking time up to 2 hours.

– When the chicken meat is done, filter the soup into another pot (use a strainer, sieve or linen.
– Cut carrots and celery root into small pieces and add them into the broth.

In an extra pot bring water to a boil, add soup noodles (very thin noodles) and cook them until done, filter them and mix them into the broth.

Add salt, pepper and some nutmeg and fresh or dried parsley. Done!

Tips and Warnings

• Don’t add any other ingredients as mentioned
• Never use tap water, it is just not good and contains chlorine
• instead of noodles you can enjoy the broth with tortellinis, or add more vegetable and you have an excellent vegetable soup.
• The broth should look clear and not milky.
• You can add all the ingredients to the meat before the broth comes to a boil; I prefer this way.

This pudding is the best. Contains no sugar, you decide how sweet it will be.


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