How to make German Beef Rouladen

Beef Rouladen (or beef rolls) is a very delicious and popular German recipe especially served for Sunday lunches when the whole family gets together.

The rouladen consist of bacon, onions, mustard and pickles wrapped in thinly sliced beef and then cooked. Served with mashed potatoes and red cabbage and a glass of red wine.

It’s one of my favorites and I never got them served in California as they should be. I had them in a restaurant at Big bear and I was disapointed. Well, here is the authentic recipe for 6 people; please don’t add anything else to it.

Things You’ll Need:

* 1 1/2 pounds flank steak (calculate 1 piece for each person; I always get the meat ready sliced at a German butcher’s or store; the meat needs to be thin; if you cut it, the slice needs to be 1 cm or 0.5 inches thick)

* Dijon mustard or German style mustard
* 1/2 pound smoked bacon (Speck) cut in thin slice
* 4 medium sized onions
* 4 (German style) pickles
* 2 1/2 cups water (as needed)
* 3 table spoon oil
* some celery leaves
* heavy cream or crème fraiche
* some dry red wine (if you like)
* salt, pepper, red pepper (paprika)
Cut the meat in 6 rectangular pieces (not too thick), beat the meat if it is too thick or – easier way – get it already cut at the butcher’s.
– Spice them with salt and pepper and red pepper (paprika)
– Spread mustard on the spiced side
– Cut onions in small cubes
– Cut pickles in small cubes
– Put on each piece 1 slice of bacon
– Add onions and pickles on the meat and roll the slice so it becomes a roll
– Use sewing cotton or metal picks to prevent that they fall apart (don’t forget to remove them before serving!)
– Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the rouladen from all sides really well
– Add celery leaves and another onion and quench it with water (or if you like you can use red wine instead)
– Put on the lid and let it boil for 1 hour and 20 minutes
– You can turn them once and add more liquid if needed (the rouladen should be covered with liquid and it should not get dry at all).
Home made Gravy:
Get the rouladen out of the pan and keep them warm while making the gravy
Take the liquid with all ingredients and mix it very well, sieve it.
Add crème fraiche or heavy cream to the liquid and some flour (to bind it); the sauce should not be very thick.
If needed add some salt and pepper or 2 table spoon tomato paste (gives a nice red color).
Tips and Warnings
* if you don’t want to make the gravy yourself use some instant gravy and stir it up with some cream
* serve it with mashed potatoes and vegetable (red cabbage or peas/carrots mix)
* to save time for the next meal, make the double amount and freeze the rest (without the metal picks of course)
Where to buy German ingredients:
On you can purchase all kind of original German food online

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