German Semolina Pudding

We had at least once  a week Semolina Pudding – in German “Griessbrei” – with mashed apples or other fruit or just with sugar and cinnamon. It was easy to keep warm so we had something nice when coming home after school. There was no micro wave to heat up the food, and the Griessbrei was kept warm in the old oven (which was by the way heated up with wood). Yes, in the early days, like 1960s my mum cooked on this stove. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
She hand made also the pasta and when there were some dough left overs, we kids got them and baked them on the stove like pizza, but this is another story…
Let’s cook Griessbrei now. By the way the ei in the word brei is spelled like the i in the word wine.


1/2 l milk
100 g semolina powder
40 g sugar or Vanilla sugar (you can by it in little sachets at international markets)
Make a mix of cinnamon and sugar
Fruit to add:
Sour cherries (from the jar)
Peaches fresh or from the jar
Strawberries (cut them in pieces, add a bit of sugar and add it to the Griesbrei)
Pear halves (fresh or jar)
All kinds of frozen fruit

– stewed fruit
– apple sauce

– apple puree
How to make it
– Pour the milk into a pot and heat it up on medium heat. 
– Check if milk is warm, then stir in the semolina – use a wire whisk.
– Add the sugar and keep it on low heat until milk and semolina become creamy like a pudding. 
If you want you can buy semolina in a package and use it per the instructions.

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